With high-performance printers manufactured by Durst, Marx & Moschner has further extended its technological lead, and is one of the foremost print service providers in Europe.

The following Durst systems are currently installed in-house:
- 1 x Rhotex 320 textile printing machine - 7 colour system - 320 cm print width
- 2 x Rhotex 322 textile printing machines - 7 colour system - 320 cm print width
- 1 x Rho 320 UV - 6 colour system - 320 cm print width
- 1 x Rho P10 UV - 6 colour system - 320 cm print width
- 1 x Rho 500 UV - 4 colour system - 500 cm print width

In addition, two Roland FP 740 printers use the sublimation process for transfers up to 1.85 m in width.

The Durst Rho UV printers use Durst Rho Roll UV ink, the first and only digital printing ink approved by the Scandinavian environmental certification institute Nordic Ecolabel and rated as being in compliance with the institute’s stringent ecological regulations. This rating was achieved due to the fact that Rho Roll UV ink is completely free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous substances, and the printing is demonstrably recyclable.
The thermal sublimation inks are likewise water-based and free of VOCs, and after fixing are abrasion- and water-resistant.