In addition to ensuring the optimal harmonisation of quality, service, and price, manufacturers today also have the important task of meeting the demands of society with regard to sustainable production. This is a major concern for us.

We have always included ecological perspectives in our company development, and we are continuously advancing the implementation of these aspects.
From the arrival of incoming orders to the receipt of goods by the customer, we think sustainably. Our processes are digitally optimised, and hence almost paperless. All production steps are seamlessly integrated with one another. This enables us to prevent an unnecessary waste of time, materials and energy.
Due to the increasing demand for ecological, recycled products, among other things we process textile materials made of 100% recycled yarn. The raw material is obtained from old PET bottles, for instance.
Our presentation systems can be reused repeatedly, and are packaged with recyclable materials. Since many of our products for trade fairs and events are reused, it is important for us to offer especially lightweight systems. Products are dismantled for shipping, ensuring light, compact transport, which can reduce fuel consumption by 50%.
We accept responsibility for the future of us all – please join us in this endeavour!