As part of a long-standing collaboration, the Marx & Moschner team prints the panoramas for the panometers of artist Professor Yadegar Asisi. With an area of approximately 3400 m² (about 108 m in circumference and 31 m high), these panoramas are the largest textile graphics in the world.

The artist composes his 360° artworks from photographs, drawings and paintings, in a continuous dialogue between science and art. The resulting panoramas are developed from countless visual planes on the computer, before they are printed on large lengths of material, finished, and installed in the round panometer buildings where they are exhibited.
Yadegar Asisi places a high priority on perspective as well as on the theory of form, colours and pigments. A great admirer of Andrea Mantegna and Leonardo da Vinci, he states “Anyone who has drawn an object really understands it”.
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