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Company, Production and Logistics

Marx + Moschner

“Providing customers with the greatest possible benefits”
has been the leading principle at Marx & Moschner for more than 30 years.

The Marx & Moschner team produces digital large-format images on environmentally friendly textiles, for target groups associated with trade fairs, shops, architecture and culture. State-of-the-art sublimation and ultraviolet (UV) printing technology permits the printing of textiles up to 5 m in width with no seams. Our expertise extends to the form and function of print products, and for every form we also provide the appropriate frame or aluminium construction.

Synchronised production planning from the pre-printing stage to packaging, as well as branch order picking, sophisticated logistics, and partners providing a Europe-wide assembly service enable us to execute roll-outs at an extremely fast pace.


With high-performance printers manufactured by Durst, Marx & Moschner has further extended its technological lead, and is one of the foremost print service providers in Europe.


In order to maintain tight schedules and to lower production costs, immediately after uploading, large quantities of print data undergo an automated data processing procedure. The entire production system, from printing to further processing, is software-supported.


In the Finishing (Konfektionierung) department, the printed materials are cut via computer numerical control (CNC) and processed precisely to the nearest millimetre, according to customer requirements.


Thanks to “packaging on demand”, customised carton sizes are available. This lowers transport costs by reducing the weight and volume.

For major customers with networks of branches throughout Europe, we undertake the complete branch order picking, with packaging and shipping. After the goods have been shipped, customers can view the status of the shipment. During the production phase, each work step is recorded, so that the exact production status can be requested from your customer consultant.