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POS & Retail

POS & Retail

The shop as a stage: In recent years, the staging of realms of experience at the point of sale (PoS) has become increasingly important.

Professionally designed sales rooms transfer an atmosphere and image to the merchandise. Here the trend is for design concepts to be based less on the facility, and more on human beings themselves. The focus is on people’s behaviour, orientation in the sales room, and points of interest, as well as on diverting and directing their attention.
The shop is transformed into an experience, a theatrical world – a stage for presenting brands and merchandise. Today digital large-format printing and digital media are indispensable for these stage sets. Previous technologies have been superseded due to the infinite possibilities, environmentally friendly procedures, and flexibility in transport and assembly that are associated with digital processes. These changes and the opportunities arising from them have inspired Marx & Moschner to develop a special range of solutions.

Print|FRAME Exchangeable Frames

With the innovative Print|FRAME textile stretching frames, you can set the stage for a world of experiences in any store.

Green Printing / Sustainability

In addition to ensuring the optimal harmonisation of quality, service, and price, manufacturers today also have the important task of meeting the demands of society with regard to sustainable production. This is a major concern for us.


Our lightboxes, equipped with backlit textiles in brilliant colours, are an absolute highlight in sales rooms.

Workflow Systems

From the Idea to the Shop.

It is essential to react ever more quickly to the sales market. The Visual Dynamic System (VDS) makes all in-store media available, with precise dimensions and localisation for each store. In a standardised, efficient manner, users can choose images from an image pool, assign individual selections to a medium, and initiate order processes. All this can be done via computer, whether in the office or on the road.

Reliability, from Selection to Shipping.

Whether it is a matter of pre-selecting photos for particular surfaces, adhering to budget constraints, taking into account all production and finishing parameters, or simply preparing a delivery note with dispatch tracking, VDS automatically has an overview of every success factor, and documents all processes.

More Time for Creativity.

Particularly in the case of branch and franchise structures, our VDS has already proven its value as an organisational tool for our international customers, giving those responsible for marketing more time for the essentials: Creativity, rather than organisational tasks.

Logistics / Packaging on Demand

At Marx & Moschner, brands are in good hands in terms of logistics, freight cost optimisation, and environmentally friendly packaging.

Visual Marketing Service / Assembly

Even relatively large projects are realised quickly and efficiently by our Europe-wide network of well-qualified visual marketing (VM) designers. More than 400 collaborators work for us on a daily basis.